How to Join


Prior experience is not needed to join – we accept all levels!

New membership is restricted to current UC Berkeley students, staff, and faculty.

‎If you are currently unaffiliated with UC Berkeley, we still encourage you to train in kendo! Please consider joining the Berkeley Kendo Dojo, or any of the dojos in the Northern California Kendo Federation.

How to join:

1. Print out a waiver

Waivers can be found here. Please fill it out and bring it to practice.
Even if you forget to print one out, come to practice; we always have waivers!

2. Pay the $50 semester membership fee

$25 for a shinai and a shinai bag if you don’t already have one.

3. Attend our practices

Fall 2020

Online socials due to COVID-19. Join our Facebook page to attend our events!

Updates are posted on our Facebook page. Join here!