Established in Fall 2010, Kendo Club at Berkeley has its beginnings on the Edwards Stadium grass. With no other place to practice, the Kendo Club spent evening practices on the soccer field before relocating inside Hearst Women’s Gymnasium the following spring.

In the Spring 2011 semester, Kendo Club participated in its first tournament by sending six members to UCLA’s Yuhihai Tournament, where the five-man team placed 2nd in teams. The next two years brought Kendo Club more to their name, consistently sending multiple teams to Yuhihai and having Team A place in top rankings every time.

Kendo Club continues to grow – both in number and experience – through events such as demo performances, bonding socials, and joint practices with other universities.

To date, the club serves as a non-profit organization promoting kendo and the philosophy of kendo among UC Berkeley students. The Kendo Club offers group practices and instruction to all levels of experience taught by both Sensei and student instructors. Through rigorous and proper training, the club aims to teach members discipline, integrity, and respect to cultivate both the mind and the body. The strong achievements and growth of Kendo Club are summarized by the club’s motto, “克己心”: “The spirit of overcoming oneself.”

Please note, Kendo Club at Berkeley only accepts current UC Berkeley students, staff, and faculty as new members. For non-affiliates wanting to begin kendo, we still have some great recommendations for you to begin your kendo journey.

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2020-2021 Officer Team 

President: Sheena Horiki 

Vice President: Amira Chou 

Social Chair: Michael Chang and Troy Ryder

Treasurer: James Roman 

Secretary: Vrishab Madduri