The Kendo Club Positive Culture and Environment Statement

The Kendo Club aims to cultivate a Positive Culture and Environment wherever its members are present, so as to align with and achieve the Purpose of Practicing Kendo as articulated by the International Kendo Federation.

Therefore, members are expected to maintain upstanding conduct at all times, inside and outside of club events, regardless of situation, in a manner that fulfills this mission. This conduct is to be extended not only to our members, but towards all people, so they may witness the positive impact of kendo upon its practitioners.

To that end, the Kendo Club explicitly does not condone the following:

-Sexual harassment, verbal and/or physical

-Threats and Acts of violence, explicit and/or implied

-Disparaging commentary and discriminatory behavior aimed at but not limited to the following:

–Race, Ethnicity, and/or Culture
–Sexual Orientation
–Body Image

The Club is ready to support of our members and associates affected by such acts. To find out more about how we look after our community, please contact us!